Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For Mother's Day 2010, a Limited Edition, "Mother & Child"

Songwriter Ted Quinn will perform a short solo set for Cynthia Cox' opening of "Birth" at the Glass Outhouse Gallery in Wonder Valley on Saturday, May 1st at  4 pm to celebrate the release of his latest album.  Then, at 6 pm, Quinn will appear as Mindee Jaye's guest on Z 107 fm's Local Music show.
"Mother & Child," marks Quinn's 7th studio album since moving to Joshua Tree in the mid-nineties, and his 6th with co-producer Tony Mason (Deserted Sessions, Dig Your Own Cactus.)

9 of the 12 songs were written since Quinn became a first-time father. All of the songs have to do with childhood and/or the great maternal spirit.

The cover for "Mother & Child" features a a portrait of Quinn and his son, Sage,  by Joshua Tree's Austrian artist, Karin Mayer.  A limited first edition comes in a hand-sewn vinyl sleeve, designed & created by Mayer; and are signed and numbered by Quinn and Mayer.

"Mother & Child" will be available for $ 15  on May 1st at Donation/Creation Art Store, Joshua Tree Health Foods and at the Glass Outhouse opening. Quinn will also have CD's, while they last, at the open mic's he hosts (Pappy & Harriet's Mondays 7 pm; Joshua Tree Saloon Tuesdays 8 pm; Stump's Bar Thursdays 7:30 pm). CD's may be ordered by mail for $20.  Write to for more information.

"Great body of work!.. brings early Lennon to mind. Particularly liked "Childstar Blues, "Born Innocent" and "Mr. Walker"...Refreshing hearing a musician keeping it real." 

Gary Daigneault, Z 107 fm, Joshua Tree 

Beyond Mother's Day - and "Mother & Child" - look for Quinn's collaboration with Robbi Robb (Tribe After Tribe) and Amritakripa (Bhajan Faeries) on another new album, "Rock Art 3;"  and "Things Worth Keeping," a book of 100 of Quinn's songs, accompanied by a solo evening at the Harrison House in June.