Thursday, April 12, 2018

The giant soul who had my back in this pic is the first person I ever wrote songs with besides my sister Debra. When the Beatles film "Let it Be" came out, we met at a theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, through mutual friends, and shared the grief of the break-up afterwards on the playground of Wonderland Avenue. 5 years later when we met again in High School, I recognized him behind his funky demeanor and tattered Lord of the Rings paperback. We sang on the steps at school together and traveled north - and to the cosmos, together. Later, we bumped into our heroes like Tom Waits and Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop and made phone calls to Mae West and Charles Bukowski, in the days when people answered their phones. When our bands and hearts got broken, we drifted apart into our own worlds, but his beauty and brilliance have always been at the forefront of my memories, as one of life's richest gifts. Happy birthday, Big Bob Kuhn. Love you always.

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